About Us

As founder and curator of the best products, NikkieTutorials is Nimya’s guide. Being part of the Beauty Industry for over 15 years, Nikkie de Jager has seen it all. She has continued her quest to find the greatest products. What to do when you still miss that perfect product…? You try to make it yourself.

She finds and helps create the ultimate products that are essential in your beauty routine. Nikkie’s essentials are innovative and always a must-have! As Nimya gives the tools to be the true version of you, Nikkie will continue to teach you how to use these tools in the best way possible.

Ever since growing up Nikkie chose to live her life by her own rules and labels. She knows how important it is to have the right products for every occasion. These products are your base and give you the power. The Power of Makeup, the Power of You!

We believe in the power of makeup not just as a means of transformation, but also as a form of self-love and authenticity. We do things differently because we want you to be able to create your own safe place. High quality products for affordable prices.

Nimya is a skin-prep brand that creates colored cosmetics and introduces skincare to make-up lovers.

Just like Nikkie, you get to write your own story… You get to portray the version that you’d like to see of yourself. But most importantly express, identify and act like your true self. We live in a world full of labels, but with Nimya you get to create your own.

We provide the tools to be your true you. We help to strengthen the one label that matters the most: You.