Approved Retailers

Where To Buy Nimya by NikkieTutorials?

Please pay close attention to where you are buying your Nimya products from. You can buy our products on our official Nimya website or from our approved retailers only. When in doubt, keep an eye out on Nimya’s social media channels, where we will always confirm new retail locations first.
To prevent the marketplace from overflowing with fake/counterfeit products and/or expensive re-sellers please only buy via our official website

​Our list of Nimya Approved retailers

  • BEAUTYBAY: online
  • Douglas: online
  • Elira Beauty: all stores & online
  • Space NK: all stores & online
  • Watsons Mena: all stores & online
  • Liverpool Mexico: all stores & online
  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam: in store
  • Het Cosmeticahuis: online
    Queens support queens, you can buy a few products on Nikkie’s mom’s website:

Note: all retailers have their own terms and conditions + shipping & return policy.